I have been offering NHS workers a free consultation and a follow-up half price treatment at Agora Heart since late January 2021.

Supporting those working tirelessly in our hospitals, GP surgeries and across the NHS providing life saving care to those afflicted by COVID-19 and rolling out an amazing vaccination campaign. 


Please share so I can reach as many NHS workers in Southampton and the surrounding areas as possible. 


I have no doubt that the stress, exhaustion and unrelenting work is starting to take its toll on those who we rely on most for our care. Especially those on the intensive care units dedicated to COVID-19 patients.

I want to care for the carers.

Thankfully, I have heard word that COVID-19 cases are coming down in our local hospitals. Things are finally returning to some normality.


However, that doesn't mean I cannot still support those who need it.


I can help with musculoskeletal aches and pains. This includes lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain, hip and knee pain. 


The terms and conditions: 


  • This offer is for NHS staff in Hampshire, especially but not exclusively, if you are working in COVID-19 wards and ICUs. 

  • It entitles those above to 1 free Osteopathic consultation (50mins) and 1 half price Osteopathic treatment (30mins). Payment is taken at the end of the 2nd visit.

  • Any further treatments, where required, will be 20% off, paid after each treatment.

  • A proof of NHS ID must be presented at your first visit to be entitled to this offer. 

  • Booking can be completed through our online portal on this website. Choose the ‘NHS Offer Osteopathic Consultation’ option.

  • This offer is subject to availability.


This offer is intended for NHS staff that need it most right now, those working in COVID-19 intensive care units (ICUs) and wards. Please spread the word and let’s #supportthenhs.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. 

Look forward to meeting you. 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Osteopath


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