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COVID-19 Statement


The following relates to keeping you, our staff and local community safe and protected from coronavirus aka COVID-19.

We have made substantial efforts to keep you, our staff and the local community safe. 


As health professionals we are permitted to continue operating with measures in place that adhere to Government and Public Health England (PHE) guidelines. 


Measures to protect you and our staff during your visit to the clinic include:


  • A COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training

  • Spacing appointments, protective screen at reception and maximising social distancing

  • Decontamination and sanitisation procedures

  • Masks are mandatory when visiting the clinic

  • Nathan has been fully vaccinated (Pfizer) and does regular Lateral Flow Tests.


We cannot predict every unforeseeable circumstance, however with the above procedures in place, we feel we deliver our ‘duty of care’ to our patients with the clinic being a safe place to visit for your musculoskeletal care. 


Despite the precautions, there will always be some risk with the ever changing COVID-19 situation. 


If you were to develop COVID-19 symptoms or come into contact with someone with symptoms prior to and up to 14 days after visit the clinic, you must inform us immediately, even if you do not have another appointment scheduled. 


If the practitioner (Nathan) develops COVID-19 symptoms, we will contact you if you saw them within the last 14 days to recommend self-isolation and appropriate action. 

Stay safe.

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