The Posture Hero Back Brace

For a bit of fun, I thought I would purchase the ‘Posture Brace’ from I ordered it after a friend asked what I thought of these things as she was worried about her posture. My instinctive response is that they are not worth their salt and are only good in the short-term if at all. This study would support that statement:

But I was curious and perhaps I should try these things out. I ordered the small-medium (32-36in) £38.98 Posture Brace, and as it had a 30 day money back guarantee I thought, what the hell! Even though there was little information on their website about returning the posture brace for a refund… I’ll cross that bridge later.

The Posture Brace is endorsed by the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street and other celebrities. I personally always think twice about buying a product when that product is endorsed by celebrities unless they have specific training or a background in that field.

So this is how I got on... These are my first pictures from wearing and not wearing the Posture Hero.

You can see a slight shift of my elbow backwards in the first photos. You may notice in these pictures with the Posture Hero the elbow is more pointy compared to that without the Posture Hero. It would also appear that my upper back is straighter but I would argue that is the Posture Hero holding my shirt closer to my body as you can see in the second photos from behind. I had been wearing the brace no more than a few minutes at this point so cannot make any assumptions but the Posture Hero does seem to have a slight effect on my body positions, albeit in the short term.

Fit and Comfort The brace had to come across the chest and seemed to sit most comfortably under my pecs and around my ribs which created a supportive corset-type look! This seems to be how it is meant to be worn.

On the whole the brace is reasonably comfortable but after a while it begins to chafe under the armpits, especially if you wear it tight. I had to wear it tight despite it being a 32-36inch size (my chest is 37.5inches).

This doesn’t make it ideal to work out in as the flexi-spine section slid up and down, especially during overhead activities (like pull-ups). It felt cumbersome. It could be OK running (I didn’t try) but I imagine the straps would start chafing! I should say, they also sell the ‘Posture Hero Sports’ designed to be worn during sports and activities. It says it is more durable with a wider flexi-spine section for more support, but I’m not sure how this would address the above problems I had.

It can be worn on top of or under your clothes but if your job is active like mine, you may not want to wear it for extended periods due to odours, staining of the brace and general chafing and skin irritation.

Regardless of the effect of the Posture Hero on my posture so far, the usability of it has its limitations but was fine to wear during admin and desk heavy days.

The Experiment

Having worn the Posture Hero daily for several hours for 3 weeks (except weekends, I’m not an animal!) you may notice from these series of photos is that my hair is a mess! I got it cut shortly after these photos!