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Osteopath Southampton Consultation
Initial Osteopathic Consultation

First step to recovery

During this in-person session Nathan will discuss with you your problem, how it came to be and how things have developed since. 

A physical examination is conducted to further understand your problem and guide towards a diagnosis.

From here a treatment plan is agreed upon to tackle the problem.

50 minutes                                                                                                                     £62

Southampton Osteopath Treatment
Osteopathic Follow-up

Next steps

These follow-up in-person sessions give Nathan the opportunity to see how you have responded to previous treatment and where to go next. 

They include a brief discussion of progress, reassessment of the problem and then continuation of your treatment plan. 

30 minutes                                                                                                                      £46

Online Consultation

Providing virtual professional pain management

Online appointments provide you the ability to have professional guidance and support for your pain without having to leave your home. 

A fundamental part of any treatment is education and exercise. This can be equally achieved from your home as it can in clinic. 

60 minutes                                                                                                                     £62

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Online Follow-up

Next virtual steps

Online follow-up appointments allow us to discuss and reassess progress made and deal with any snags whilst working towards your goals set out in the initial online consultation.

30 minutes                                                                                                                     £46

Osteopath Southampton Treatment
Sports Massage

A deep tissue and muscle focussed treatment

Enjoy a deep tissue massage after your sporting event? Improves recovery and post-exercise aches and pains.

30 or 60 minutes                                                                                                 £46/£66

Discounts are available to the following with proof of identification: 

  • Students

  • HPLS Members

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